About R2R

Ready 2 Ride/Race/Rage/Recover

R2R was founded in 2013 by Abigail and Jake Sigal to promote mountain biking within Southeast Michigan. In 2014 R2R went from an acronym for “Ready to Ride?” to a mantra and club for good rides and great friends. R2R’s mission is to invite beginners into the sport of mountain bike racing in a non-judgmental and cool way.

Throughout the 2014 race season, the R2R club promoted good sportsmanship and friendship, attracting more riders interested in joining the club. Three first time R2R riders won state championships in the 2014 beginner class.

R2R then expanded to include the MMBA CPS race schedule in Michigan for XC, including participation in non-race organized group rides. The club uses the GroupMe app so everyone can ride with a friend when they are going out.

R2R strives to continue advocating for the sport. R2R is always looking to partner with the best brands interested in promoting bicycling within the region in a cool, safe, and beginner friendly method.